Most medication medicines as of now being developed have focused on the pathology of Alzheimer's ailment, the most widely recognized type of dementia, which represents around 60 to 70% of all cases. Finding a fruitful treatment for Alzheimer's faces two noteworthy obstacles: the first being despite everything we don't know enough about the malady's hidden science. For instance, we don't realize what precisely controls the poisonous develop of amyloid-β plaques and tau tangles in the mind that are found in Alzheimer's patients, which particular sorts of these are lethal, or why the malady advances at various rates in various individuals. It doesn't help that side effects of Alzheimer's grow bit by bit and gradually and a conclusion may just be made a long time after the cerebrum has begun to experience neurodegenerative changes. To boot, it's normal for Alzheimer's to be available and additionally different types of dementia.

• Cholinesterase inhibitors.
• Donepezil
• Rivastigmine
• Galantamine